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Hi! My name is Steve and I'm a dad with BOTH a husky boy and an extra tall boy. I can tell you there’s not a single pair of jeans or athletic pants out there – in any store or online – that fit my sons right off the rack. Trying to find a pair of pants that fit my husky boy's waist and length was impossible. The same holds true for my younger son who is tall and thin and walking around with pants that are too short.Big Kidz Jeanz owner steve

So for the last few years I’ve been buying my eldest husky son over-sized pants, which are always way too long. I take them to the tailor to be shortened, wait a couple weeks, and go back to the tailor to pick them up. In the end, I’ve probably spent $50 bucks or more on my son’s jeans or athletic pants that he’s just going to outgrow. That’s an expensive pair of pants – in time and money.

Clothes for Big Kids

As far as my younger son goes, there was not a single solution that I knew for the extra tall kids out there walking around in “high waters” or pants that were too short. The "skinny" jeans might fit the bill in some cases, but not every time.

So I found myself asking, "why hasn't anyone solved these fashion problems yet?" As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, so here is my Dad-made invention: Custom made jeans and athletic pants for husky and extra tall kids. Nice pants, cool pants, comfortable pants, and pants you can afford.

Jeans for Big, Tall or Husky Kids

Why just jeans and athletic pants? Because it seems to me that is what all the kids are wearing these days.


So ditch the hassle and get your kids’ jeans and athletic pants right here, at

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