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Custom Pants Delivered to Your Door in a Few Days!

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Custom Pants For Kids Of All Sizes

No Hassle Jeans & Athletic Pants

Are you the parent of a husky or extra tall child? If so, you have probably found nothing but frustration as you scanned the marketplace -- online and in retail stores. The waist-size you need for your husky kid is too long in the leg. The waist size you need for your tall skinny kid is too short in the leg. You can stop right here. BKJ has jeans and athletic pants your child can feel great about delivered right to your doorstep.
  • No more frustrating shopping trips to the store looking for jeans or athletic pants that MAY fit your child.
  • No more hours online looking for jeans for kids who are husky, extra tall or extra thin.
  • No more costly round-trips to the tailor to have your large-waist jeans hemmed to fit your child.
  • No more bad feelings for your custom-sized child.